Team Leaders
Team Offense
Team Rushing: St. Henry 255.8/game
Team Rushing TD’s: Marion Local 17
Team Rushing Yards per Carry: Marion Local 6.47
Team Passing: Coldwater 247.5/game
Team Passing TD’s: Coldwater 14
Team Passing Interceptions: Anna & Minster 1
Team Total Offense: Coldwater 404.3/game
Scoring Offense: Marion Local 47.0/game
Margin of Victory: Marion Local 41.8

Team Defense
Team Rushing Defense: Marion Local 64.3/game
Team Rushing Yards per Carry: Marion Local 2.27/carry
Team Rushing TD’s Allowed: Marion Local 1
Team Passing Defense: Marion Local 26.0/game
Team Passing TD’s Allowed: St. Henry 0
Team Passing Interceptions: Minster 9
Total Team Defense: Marion Local 90.3/game
Scoring Defense: Marion Local 5.3/game

Penalty Yards: Anna 58
Turnover Ratio: Minster +8

Individual Leaders
Individual Offense per Game
Rushing Yards: Zach Niekamp, St. Henry 634 yards (158.5/game)
Rushing TD’s: Alex Schmitmeyer, Minster & Zach Niekamp, St. Henry 11
Rushing Yards per Carry (min. 40 attempts): Zach Niekamp, St. Henry 7.64
Passing Yards: Jake Hemmelgarn, Coldwater 990 yards (247.5/game)
Passing TD’s: Jake Hemmelgarn, Coldwater 14
Passing Yards per Completion (min. 40 attempts): Ryan Martin, Versailles 18.25
Receiving Yards: Bryce Blickle, New Bremen 290 yards (72.5/game)
Receptions: Cole Frilling, Coldwater 20 (5.0/game)
Receiving Yards per Reception (min. 10 receptions): Bryce Blickle, New Bremen 26.36
Receiving TD’s: Cole Frilling, Coldwater 6
Scoring: Zach Niekamp, St. Henry 72 points

Individual Defense

Tackles: Owen Sheridan, Fort Recovery 50 tackles (12.5/game)
Sacks: Evan Hiestand, Versailles 8
Interceptions: Mike Ketner, Minster 4
Fumble Recoveries: 4 tied with 2

Individual Special Teams
Kick Scoring: Blake Dippold, Coldwater & Alex Klosterman, Marion Local 29 points
Field Goals Made: Ryan Bertke, New Bremen 4
Extra Points Made: Alex Klosterman, Marion Local 23
Punting (minimum 10 punts): Jered Seigle, Anna 36.00
Kickoff Returns: Riley Pearson, Fort Recovery 262 yards
Punt Returns: Jay Knapke, St. Henry 204 yards

Complete Week 4 MAC Individual and Team Leaders