football_150Team Leaders
Team Offense
Team Rushing: Delphos St. John’s 298.3
Team Rushing TD’s: Delphos St. John’s 13
Team Rushing Yards per Carry: Delphos St. John’s 6.83
Team Passing: Coldwater 211.3
Team Passing TD’s: Coldwater & Minster 6
Team Passing Interceptions: Coldwater & Minster 1
Team Total Offense: Delphos St. John’s 421.7
Scoring Offense: Delphos St. John’s 36.0
Margin of Victory: Marion Local 17.7

Team Defense
Team Rushing Defense: Marion Local 29.0
Team Rushing Yards per Carry: Marion Local 1.28
Team Rushing TD’s: Marion Local 0
Team Passing Defense: Anna 56.3
Team Passing TD’s: Anna 0
Team Passing Interceptions: Anna 6
Total Team Defense: Marion Local 188.0
Scoring Defense: Fort Recovery 6.7
Turnover Ratio: St. Henry +4

Individual Leaders
Individual Offense per Game
Rushing Yards: Aaron Reindel, Delphos St. John’s 172.0
Rushing TD’s: Aaron Reindel, Delphos St. John’s 12
Rushing Yards per Carry: Duane Leugers, Marion Local 10.4
Passing Yards: Dylan Thobe, Coldwater 210.7
Passing TD’s: Dylan Thobe, Coldwater & Jared Huelsman, Minster 6
Passing Yards per Completion: Daylon Lange, St. Henry 18.3
Receiving Yards: Jonathan Niemeyer, Minster 95.0
Receptions: Neal Muhlenkamp, Coldwater 4.7
Receiving Yards per Reception: Avery Powers, New Bremen 38.7
Receiving TD’s: Jonathan Niemeyer, Minster 4
Scoring: Aaron Reindel, Delphos St. John’s 72 points

Individual Defense

Tackles: Isaac Musser, Delphos St. John’s 11.3/game
Interceptions: Parker Link, St. Henry 4
Fumble Recoveries: 4 tied with 2

Individual Special Teams
Kick Scoring: Neal Muhlenkamp, Coldwater 17 points
Field Goals: Neal Muhlenkamp, Coldwater 2
Punting: Jared Bergman, Marion Local 43.2
Kickoff Returns: Caden May, Parkway 201 yards
Punt Returns: Nate Rindler, Coldwater 71 yards

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